My name is Drew Lesiuczok. I am a designer specializing in creative/art direction, editorial design, identity and branding design and web design. Over the years I have worked with many cultural and educational companies and institutions. Much of my design work in recent years has been devoted to editorial design, art gallery design and branding.

In 2002, I studied Digital Media Arts at Seneca@York. In 2005, I studied Art and Art History at University of Toronto Mississauga jointly with Sheridan College, specializing in Drawing and Design.

Since graduating I have worked with companies big and small, both full-time and as a freelancer. I'm currently an art director at Sportsnet.ca and work as a freelance designer. Some past and current freelance clients include Rogers Publishing, The Universty of Toronto, The Toronto Star, Blackwood Gallery, Oakville Galleries and Varley Art Gallery.

Some of the artistic minds that inspire me most include: Josef Muller-Brockmann, Kenya Hara, Lex Drewinski, John Heartfield, Douglas Gordon and Werner Herzog.